333focus was not only made to combat the artificial intelligence that is wasting our time and addicting us to our smartphones. It was also made to combat the surveillance and censorship that is making meaningful resistance to the status quo next to impossible!

Every 333focus page, if it's set up correctly, is mirrored on the Tor network. When the Tor network is called the "darkweb", it makes it sound sinister, scandalous, maybe even evil. But the anonymity that the Tor network provides is no different than the anonymity that every internet user once enjoyed in the early days of the Internet, which allowed people to communicate in a more open and honest way, and gave birth to a wave of whistle-blowers and (r)Evolutionaries who had found their voice for the first time.

The purpose for mirroring your website on the Tor network is to prevent the dark forces from removing your presence from the internet. Presumably, even if one of your websites are taken down, they won't both be taken down at the same time. That way, if a site goes down, there is still a way back to it through the mirror site, which is hopefully still safely under the control of the original user. From there, they can announce their new mirror site, and the other users of 333focus can fix their links to that mirror site, and their presence in the network will remain. This means that, with the active diligence of it's users, the network can be self-healing in a way that prevents anyone's presence from being deleted, and prevents any voice from being silenced.

This is the button found on the far right of the top menu bar. The Tor websites will only work on a Tor Browser, in which case this button allows users to easily enter the darkweb from any 333focus page and crawl through the 333focus network without their traffic being monitored.